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A Large Waist is a Risk Factor for Diabetes

Having a large waist is one of the biggest risk factors for developing diabetes. People who carry fat... 

Calculating Carbohydrate Exchange Based on Nutritional Information

To utilize the carbohydrate exchange, first you and your doctor or dietitian need to set a daily caloric... 

Monogenic Diabetes

Monogenic diabetes is a lesser known form of diabetes that is often misdiagnosed as type 1 or type 2... 

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

In 2011 a Newcastle University study examined 11 people with type 2 diabetes. Under close medical supervision,... 

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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, is a condition where the pancreas no longer makes... 

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Sugar is the main source of energy for our cells. Normally, the pancreas makes insulin and the insulin... 

Type 1.5 Diabetes

Type 1.5 diabetes, also known as latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA), is a form of diabetes where... 

Non-Starchy Vegetables

If you are trying to control your caloric intake, non-starchy vegetables are a great option. The low... 

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Grilled Halibut Filets

This simple recipe for grilled halibut filet will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The halibut can... [Read more of this review]

Hot Spinach and Crab Dip

This creamy hot spinach and crab dip is very high in vitamins A and C. By substituting vegetables instead... [Read more of this review]

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

These Pumpkin Spice Muffins are a great way to start your day! They are a great source of fiber, manganese,... [Read more of this review]

Honey Lime Beef and Vegetable Kabobs

Coming in at 22 carbohydrates per serving, the Honey Lime Beef and Vegetable Kabobs are sure to be a... [Read more of this review]

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